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June 24, 2015

Links for my PHPDublin phing talk.

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I gave a talk yesterday about the phing php build tool at PHPDublin‘s June meeting in Kittman Labs and thought I should write up a list of the various things that I touched on in the talk.

  • First and foremost – phing (without which I’d have lost all sanity years ago).
  • Secondly, the slides themselves.

Some tasks phing can do:

There’s a whole lot more listed in the documentation!

Some projects that use phing:

Editors supporting phing:

Command line:

Getting it working with Continuous Integration servers:

Various levels of integrating PHP into your phing build.xml:

Refactoring your phing file:

I’ve plagiarised nothing, I’ve stood on the shoulders of giants (acknowledgements to):


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