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July 14, 2022

“Hive token as expired”

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( The Hive “climate platform” is a set of products from that allow for remote control of your heating system, including thermostats. )

The HACS Hive integration in Home Assistant threw this into the logs today, which meant that I had to do things via the Hive app this morning instead of using the integration in Home Assistant.

“Hive token as expired when calling – HTTP status is – 401”

I had been using a release of the Hive integration several releases behind the current release – version 2021.2.6, where I didn’t have 2FA enabled in the app because that was breaking authentication for this integration. Then I upgraded to 2022.7.3 and found that the “Hive token as expired” message was being reported.

The fix was simple, somewhere along the updates the maintainers of the Hive Integration must have added support for Hive’s 2FA and I just needed to :

  1. Delete the hive section from Home Assistant’s configuration.yaml file
  2. Enable 2FA in the Hive app
  3. Reinstall the latest version of the Hive integration (I uninstalled it after encountering the problem)
  4. Re-enter my credentials, including the new Hive verification code when prompted by Home Assistant.


Or something.

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